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In June of 2007, the Weird Science blog was created by Mina Isabella Tarras. After initially studying the life sciences and working in the lab, she realized that she adored the marketing side of science.

She is now an award-winning communications professional living in Zürich, Switzerland, and working in the pharmaceutical and medical device industry. Given that her younger school years were in Canada, however, she chose to keep a Canadian identity for the Weird Science blog.

Although Mina primarily works in communications for adult audiences, she has always been passionate about science education for youth. In typical writer fashion, she began the blog late one night after feeling a strong spurt of inspiration mixed with a whopping dose of creativity.

Mina appreciates that there are many fantastic science resources for kids and teens but felt that a gap existed around some of the more controversial subjects. Knowing that science does touch on sensitive areas, she felt that there should be a way to convey the bigger picture while still remaining age appropriate in her approach. When she began the Weird Science blog, she made a commitment to herself and her readers to share many of the deeper issues in the science field.

Mina believes that anyone who is curious and questioning is a scientist – she hopes that the Weird Science blog encourages and challenges kids and teens to think. As always, think and have loads of fun doing so!

To contact Mina, send an email to mina@weirdscience.ca.

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