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No Fair! December 21, 2010

Posted by Mrs Weird Scientist in Animals, Easy As Pie.
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Despite the exclamation above, I’m not throwing a temper tantrum. But I do get frustrated when I read news stories about science and think “Woah, this is really complicated.” It’s one reason I started this blog. To learn about a few more reasons, you can see an interview I did for the Charlotte Observer here.

Speaking of unfair things, if you read my last post and wondered if Tiko ever got off the toilet, well the picture on the right should answer your question.

His furry derriere is still planted firmly on the porcelain potty. He says it’s actually rather comfortable and he even had the audacity to ask me to serve him some liver treats and install a television on the wall.

I’ve already decided that if I ever start another blog, it will be called Weird Dogs.