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Life In A Shell February 19, 2008

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Shell House 6

Future architects, take note! If you’ve ever thought that being an architect might be a cool job, I’ll give you one more reason. You can create some of the coolest designs with a bit – or a lot – of imagination and the right client.

The habitants of this very cool ‘shell house,’ are a young couple with two kids. They originally lived in a traditional house – one most of us would call normal – before deciding that they needed a change. To spice things up, they worked with an architect to create a home that was nicely tuned in with nature. The special idea was for each member of the family to feel almost like a snail, moving with ease from one room to another in the spectacular abode. The house itself is called Nautilus and was created by architects at Senosiain Arquitectos.

Credit: World Architecture News.

If you see architecture as being a job you would enjoy, the classes to focus on in high school are physics, mathematics and, of course, art. Now hop to it! I’m still hoping for a dream house made of some special melt-proof chocolate. I have faith that one day, such chocolate will exist. Perhaps I can hire one of my readers to design it for me sometime in the near future. I’ll even pay extra if you can add in some white chocolate!

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