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Pseudo Science In Advertising February 7, 2008

Posted by Mrs Weird Scientist in Science in the Media.
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Credit: Spoon Sisters.

Marketing can be funny. Even more so, it’s fantastically funny when it involves a joke about a popular treatment – Botox – used for diminishing wrinkles. I have always been curious and amused to see the joking slant that marketers put on science. According to the manufacturer’s website, the Bochox chocolate bar provides the following benefits:

Relief from the symptoms of wrinkles and crow’s feet without ever entering the dermatologist’s office. Simply break off the desired dosage and consume; you’ll quickly be overcome by stress-relieving endorphins and no longer be concerned in the slightest about wrinkles.

After reading this description, I giggled so loudly that my fluffy dog – Tiko – jumped up in confusion and galloped off into the other room. Somehow, I suspect he’s not too worried about wrinkles though.

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