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Science And Art Make A Delicious Cookie August 31, 2009

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At first glance, I was actually a bit creeped out to see a favorite cookie of mine dissected to show the innards of a human! But this super cool image is the creation of an artist, illustrator and self-proclaimed “crazy person” named Jason Freeny.

What I like most of all when I see this kind of stuff is that it comes from an imaginative place. While science is full of theories and information, it takes a vivid, explorative imagination to bring this to visual life in a way that makes us stop and say “wow.” When I asked Jason about his interest in the human body and science, he replied:

The intricacy fascinates me.

Now, I only wish my high school textbooks had pictures like this way back when I was in school. Well, not that way back. I wonder if this particular gingerbread man has a few gray hairs hiding under his sugary, baked crust.

Science With A Beat January 22, 2008

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My regular readers know that every once in a while, I like to show focused cartoons because they are a fun medium for sharing science. There are many other mediums as well that blur the boundaries between art and science. Some might even suggest that no boundaries exist at all and that art is simply an underused medium in the science field. Either way, I appreciate the different approaches to communicating science and controversy.

Scott Shewchuk, a friend of mine, enjoys writing lyrics. It’s a way for him to express his passion about some of the issues going on in the world. We recently had a banter about how lyrics – with or without song – are a creative, poetic way to share science and opinion. I asked him if he would write something for the weird science blog. Ten minutes later, he sent me the lyrics below.

Classroom and Cross

Does the debate end when it comes to Darwin and creationism/

Is it God and wisdom or are these scientists fake with fiction/

It’s a contradiction to have a belief system not based on facts/

Evolution ended with the Scopes trial the textbooks want it back/

Can’t have our youth educated these days with only the Bible in mind/

The book of Genesis made way for a movement of intelligent design/

Children it’s perfectly acceptable to read about natural selection/

It’s either fable or truth and that’s based on your perception/

But can you believe God opened up the heavens and Adam appeared/

The knowledge we need is being suppressed I’ve had it up to here/

Don’t think one side should prevail but at least lend each an ear/

And have both parties listen and have a voice to speak it clear/

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