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Science is weird. It’s also cool, interesting and fun. Don’t believe me? Keep reading Weird Science and you’ll see that science goes beyond what you learn in school. School is important to give you a foundation in science and this blog takes off from there by sharing science news.

I never liked science in elementary, middle or even high school. It was later that my curiosity about diseases and microbes gave me the push to study the sciences. And wouldn’t you know, I actually enjoy reading and writing about all the new discoveries and crazy facts that make our world such a bizarre place.

We should all know what’s going on in the world. Science can mix in with lots of sensitive areas like ethics, religion and politics but it’s important to read both sides of a topic. I hope my readers will share Weird Science with their parents. Everyone can learn a quirky new fact or two and your parents might hassle you a little less for spending so much time on the Internet.

I want to share all aspects of science here, from crazy tech gadgets to new medications for destroying that impossible-to-pronounce disease your relative has to ferocious beasts of the animal world (did I mention I have a major fear of cougars?).

If you hear about something new and weird in the science field that you think I should post about, fill out the contact form and let me know.

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