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Science And Art Make A Delicious Cookie August 31, 2009

Posted by Mrs Weird Scientist in Brain Power, Easy As Pie, Human Body.
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At first glance, I was actually a bit creeped out to see a favorite cookie of mine dissected to show the innards of a human! But this super cool image is the creation of an artist, illustrator and self-proclaimed “crazy person” named Jason Freeny.

What I like most of all when I see this kind of stuff is that it comes from an imaginative place. While science is full of theories and information, it takes a vivid, explorative imagination to bring this to visual life in a way that makes us stop and say “wow.” When I asked Jason about his interest in the human body and science, he replied:

The intricacy fascinates me.

Now, I only wish my high school textbooks had pictures like this way back when I was in school. Well, not that way back. I wonder if this particular gingerbread man has a few gray hairs hiding under his sugary, baked crust.


1. Mr.Science - March 15, 2010

Wow it kinda makes me think before i go eating another ginger bread cookie ha ha ha. Really amazing and freaky stuffgreat artist by the way and it shows a great illustartion of the one the only amazing:Human Body.

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