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Particle Plushies June 30, 2008

Posted by Mrs Weird Scientist in Easy As Pie, Physical and Chemical Reactions, Physics, Weird Gadgets.
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Particle Plushies

I’ve always been a fan of toys and I don’t think I’ll ever grow too old for this kind of neat novelty stuff. The toys in the picture above are called Particle Plushies and were created by Julie Peasley with the help of science consultant and physicist Derek van Westrum.

Tau Neutrino Strange Quark Photon

According to Julie:

I have had a lifelong interest in cosmology, the quantum world and theoretical physics. The Particle Plushies idea came about after attending a physics lecture at UCLA by Dr. Lawrence Krauss entitled ‘The Beginning and End of Time.’ A couple of difficult physics books later (including Lisa Randall’s Warped Passages), I realized that the individual particles seemed to have various ‘personalities’ that could be ‘felted out’ with relative ease.

The toys aren’t meant for really young children but they’re a fun item to have hanging around the house. Better still, these plushies combine art and science to provide education and understanding.

Particle Plushies 2

As for the weird science blog, these cute, smiling toys are hereby approved for coolness!

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1. David Bradley - June 30, 2008

Never before has the subatomic world been so cuddly…I’ve done a StumbleUpon thumbs up on this post.


2. Miss Weird Scientist - June 30, 2008

Cuddly indeed. They’d even make a science-hating grumplestiltskin smile.

3. David Bradley - July 2, 2008

Now what would be really impressive is if these things were 2 or 3 metres tall

4. bphd - March 6, 2010

They also have an iphone app called “Particle Zoo.” It’s free, and explains a little bit about each particle. My son loves it. (A friend sent me a link to your blog for him–he’s nine and his internet name is “Pseudonymous Kid.”)

5. nicolas - December 12, 2012

Very nice article. I definitely appreciate this website.
Keep it up!

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