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Online Talk About Teen Suicide January 14, 2008

Posted by Mrs Weird Scientist in Human Body, Psychology and Behavior, Think About It.
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Teen Depression

Although it can be a really uncomfortable topic for many people to talk about, it’s a major issue that needs a lot of attention. I’m talking about teen suicide.

Trying Something Different

Elaine Greidanus – a researcher at the University of Alberta – believes that teens are a group who can be tough to reach, especially through traditional means such as counselling or telephone support. She suggests that teens are more likely to be going online to find support. Her recent study set out to see just how helpful cyber support was for teens. She studied approximately a dozen participants in an online help site. Here, teens would create an anonymous thread. Trained volunteers would then respond to the teens with messages such as:

It sounds like you are in a lot of pain right now. What are some things that give you strength in your life?

Volunteers would also suggest resources to help the teen, such as a counsellor. One challenge for teens is that unlike adults, they may not be as likely to seek counselling as their initial step. By receiving information from the online thread, however, they can obtain some support that is followed up over the long-term by a counsellor.

Positive Results

Another helpful aspect that Greidanus noticed was how other teens provided support in the threads – not just the volunteers. Empathic statements such as ‘Stop hurting yourself. I care for you’ provided additional support to the distressed teens. These kinds of statements coupled with volunteer support helped teens to develop a relationship with their peers and feel a sense of community. Another very positive outcome was that teens who initially asked for support later went on to offer support to other teens. All of these changes suggest that online communities are a helpful way to access teens who would otherwise not have obtained help.

Ultimately, as uncomfortable as the topic of suicide may be, it’s a small discomfort compared to a loss of life. If online support forums are making a positive difference, then I hope that they continue to grow.

Update on 12 April 2009: I have decided to update this blog entry. It was made over a year ago but it is still receiving comments – many from young people who are struggling with the feelings of depression and suicide. It’s a painful subject and clearly a tough thing to talk about for a lot of people.

If you’re dealing with these feelings and don’t feel you have someone to speak with about what you’re going through, please contact your local crisis line.  You may feel very alone and isolated but there are resources out there for you.

Canada: Kids Help Phone can be contacted at 1 800 668 6868

UK: Childline can be called on 0800 1111

USA: Hopeline connects you to a local crisis line via 1 800 784 2433


1. jeremy126 - May 12, 2008

i feel teen suicide needs to be stoped befor it gets out of hand and can not be controlled.i feel that parents are mainly responseible for the act of their children. i also feel that the way their parents disiplin them at home can have an affect on them at school and how they do in school and even how often they go to school.

2. jeremy126 - May 12, 2008

i think that teen suicide is out ragously out of control

3. depogrl - July 7, 2008

i don’t know what to do i am cutting myself and i constantally think of suuiceid
i think that it all should end and have made multiple plans that i might carry out

4. Miss Weird Scientist - July 8, 2008

Jeremy: I tend to think it is already out of hand. I agree that parents have a certain amount of responsibility for their children but then again, so do schools and the community overall for supporting teens. I also agree again that parental discipline affects how teens feel and function at school, which can link to their confidence and if they have thoughts of suicide. It’s a complicated subject.

5. Miss Weird Scientist - July 8, 2008

Depogrl: It seems like you really want to end your life and that you’re feeling confused about what to do. When you say you have multiple plans, I feel worried for you. Do you have anyone you can talk to about what you’re going through? I’m sending a warm hug your way.

6. solange - July 30, 2008

I need help please ASAp, i need to talk to someone, anyone before I do something I will regret

7. Miss Weird Scientist - July 30, 2008

Solange: I get the sense that you feel really alone right now – like you have absolutely nobody you can speak with. When you say you might do something you will regret, it seems like part of you really wants to live but the other part wants to stop the pain you are feeling.

I don’t know if you have anyone in your life who you can speak with because your comment gave me the impression you don’t have someone but that you desperately need to talk. Can you think of any other places to get support – a crisis line, local support place – even if that is from a stranger?

As with Depogrl, I’m sending a big, warm hug your way.

8. Ian C - September 14, 2008

As someone who’s been suicidal for 15 years, since around 10, I have to ask what jeremy126 was thinking when blaming parents for teen suicide. I was sent to therapy by my parents, and lied my way out of it. I lied to my teachers in school when they questioned me about my self destructive behavior. Now, at 25, I’m standing at the edge of my balcony looking for a chat room to help talk myself out of going over the edge (I don’t trust telephones enough to call anyone), and paused for a minute to read this, and just had to respond to the first post.
My wife is in the hospital with liver failure due to a failed suicide attempt after being refused refuge in a mental health clinic, and there’s not really anyone else for me.

9. sekoura - September 20, 2008

i need help like now bec i wana commite suside but i don’t and i cutmylef and i dono wht to do!

10. kels - September 25, 2008

I need help. I don’t want to tell my whole story but you do need to know that my parents did drugs and my dad was abusive and I now live with my grandparent and 8 year old sister. I’m 14 and i haven’t seen my parents since I was 7. It’s not because they can’t come see me, they just choose not to, and that really hurts. It feels like a million knives slashing at me. It feels like I’m being shredded apart limb by limb. The people who created me don’t care. They’re not coming anytime soon therefore the pain just doesn’t seem to go away. It doesn’t bleed out. I can tell you that. As of right now that’s how I plan on killing myself. I don’t want to die, but the pain is too much. There’s no way to make it go away. But I DON’T WANT TO DIE!
I’m terrified. Please help.

11. Miss Weird Scientist - September 27, 2008

Ian C: I could be wrong but my sense was that Jeremy126 is referring to the atmosphere created in the home in terms of parental responsibility. No, parents can’t control everything their children do and to some extent, that’s a good thing. From what you’ve said, it seems like you have experienced a lot of frustration with the system and lack of support for more than a decade – both you and your wife. I imagine your wife is the one person who has been a support for you and I was sad when I read she is in the hospital due to a suicide attempt. I really hope that things get better for you and your wife.

Sekoura and Kels: I think each of you touched on an important aspect of suicide. It’s not so much that a person wants to die but rather, that they want to escape the pain of living. Just thinking about suicide can be terrifying. Feeling rejected by family and those you need love and support from can so painful. I will send hugs to you both and hope that you find help.

12. Meaghan - October 14, 2008

I know what it is like to want to commit suicide. I think teenagers [like myself] need someone that will help them through the suicidal thoughts. All we need is adults that are willing to comfort suicidal teens.

13. Meaghan - October 14, 2008

I am also one of the teens that doesn’t want to kill themselves but wants to hurt themselves. For the last few months i have been cutting and i dont know how to stop “/

14. momma2three - November 26, 2008

I am an aunt who lost 2 nieces to suicide. Now a lone child is left behind with the legacy of the two older girls having gone through a very out-of-control life and committing suicide. This child may grow up now and do the same thing, and/or feel at fault, thinking “Maybe they did it because I was bad”.
There is someone who will talk to you, ALWAYS. Whether it is a suicide hotline, a family member, or a mentally stable friend…. someone is there to talk to.
Talk. Seek help! If your parents actions are causing your feelings and suicidal attempts, you can call Child Protective Services on them yourself, but you MUST be honest and open with them or they cannot intervene.
Often, parents or siblings of people who die by suicide will go on to commit suicide themselves. Is this the legacy you want to leave behind? A string of deaths?
Someone loves you. Someone cares. Even if you have to email someone, ask for help. Ask to talk. Help is out there.

15. chris - December 10, 2008

i use to think about ways i could die about 5 mounths ago and i was doing better……

now they some what r coming back i dont know what to do…….

16. Alejandra - December 12, 2008

i need someone to talk to now.

ive been havig thoughts of suicide.sometimes i think of just runing away from my family.i really like them and i think that they dont deserve a daughter like me.i hate them sometimes for no reason.i also hate my brother because his my moms favorite.she always defends him.she lets him hang out with his friends but she doesnt let me and my sister go anywhere.i really really hate my brother.sometimes i think of killing him then i think im crazy and that makes me want to die.i hate him also because my sister and i have no privacy because of him.me and my sister share rooms and our room is next to this other room but their isnt a door or wall so we dont have privacy and my brother sleeps there.he has two rooms and that one reason why i hate my parents anyways hes room is downstairs but he sleeps next two us because hes scared and his almost 12 years old.i just hate him,his scared and his already talking about girfriends.since he sleeps next to our room i sleep downstairs on the sofa to let my mom n dad know that if doesntmove then ill move but they dont seem to care.every night i see they dont care specially my mom,i feel i want to die.infront of the sofa theres the front door and everynight i lay there i think of runing away and never come bak.i feel like if no one is there for me. i feel so lonely.i have no friends, my sister changes her mood alot so i dont trust her and i dont trust my parents .i dont trust my teacher because ive told her other things and then she tells them to other students and i dont trust the school council because ive only seen her once my whole life and i dont even know her name.i really hate my life i mean just imagine living with a grandma who you really hate and doesnt do anything else but annoy you and talk bad about you and talk about how her other grandchildren love her and how well they do on school.imagine having no friends,no one you trust to talk to about your problems and living with people you hate.

the only thing that keeps me from doing anything i will regret is knowing about god,that hes alway there ,knowing that im special and my dad.i love him.

17. Cameron - January 12, 2009

My problem is very similar to yours. But different at the same time. I love my family, but it hurts to much when they don’t love me back. I’ve never had a real conversation with my dad, and my mom’s mood about me changes every five minutes. I lie awake at night just wanting to jump out the window, and never come back. Or fall asleep and never wake up.

18. Momo - January 18, 2009

I’ve been thinking about suicide for about 2 years now. Im only 14. When it started, I just didn’t want to go through all the hardships in life. I know that there are many good things in life that make up for it, but in the long run, I’ll die anyway. So what’s the point?
Anyway, my thoughts about suicide went away for a bit, but they just came back like a wave, and they hit me hard. I mainly think about it because of my parents, my brother, and a lot of other things in my life. But I feel bad that I think my life is so bad to the point where I want to die. I know that I have a good life and that I shouldn’t complain. I never have complained before. I know that there are so many more people out there that have horrible lives and they still live on. I’m friends with a lot of those kinds of people. And when they think of things like suicide, they come to me cause they I always make them happy, smile, laugh, and give them a reason to live. But when one of them found out that I was thinking about suicide, they screamed at me. They felt dissapointed. They didn’t try to help me like I did with them.
So since then, I haven’t told anyone about what I’ve been thinking, cause I know it’d make them dissapointed in me. But I don’t like it that Im always there for people, but no ones there for me. I can’t go to anyone in my family. They’ll lock me up. My mom did it to my brother cause he was just thinking about it.
Im really sorry if Im just going on and on about stuff you dont want to hear about, I don’t wanna bother you. I just need someone to talk to. Every day I think about different ways to take my life. And I know I won’t regret it cause It’s what I want. But Im really scared about leaving behind my friends. I love a lot of them so much and I’d do anything for them. But it’s just not enough. Everyday I go through hell (well to me it is. I know a lot of people go through such worse things) and I can’t handle it. Today my mom screamed and screamed at me. She called my worthless, she said that I was blind, and deaf, and that I couldn’t do anything. I really considered grabbing a knife and slit my wrist right then and there. I actually tried it, but it was too dull. Off course my mom didn’t notice because she was ranting and screaming about how Im such a worthless teenager. And just a few minutes later she tells me to do all of the chores because my jackass of a brother refuses to do them. She doesnt bitch at him for not doing chores, she just bitches at me, because Im suppossed to be the good child. Im the child that does what she’s told, the one that gets good grades, the one thats always smiling and making everyone feel better.
I can’t handle it anymore. It’s too much for me. I really want my life to end. I don’t wanna lie and hide my pain from my family and friends anymore, but if I tell them, Im afrad of what will happen.
Im just really scared. Im aware of everything around me, I know how things will turn out if I take my life. But I still want to. But Im still scared. I want to become a therapist when Im older, because Im good at making people smile, and people like to tell my their problems. But if I can’t even get myself to tell someone what’s wrong with me, how the hell could I help someone with their problems!?
Please, I really need someone to talk to. And Im really sorry if I sound like some really emotional girl who wants to play the victim.

19. OptimisticGrl - January 31, 2009

I am only 14 years old, and i already feel depressed. I have a sister who is like my best friend, but she has a boyfriend who she is ALWAYS with. My bestfriend doesnt like to come to my house because my parents smoke like krazy, my brother smokes, and my brother’s girlfriend,who now lives with us smokes. And they all smoke drugs too,except for my dad because he started at a young age and i guess something may have happened that he had to stop drinking and smoking drugs. Yet he still smokes. So 4/6 people in my house smoke and my brother has many friends over that also smoke. So none of my friends like to come over and they never invite me to their house. Ever since I got my laptop, ive been on it nonstop, it is like my best friend now! Yet i am still always bored! My dog, who i grew up with and spent everyday of my life with for the past 10 years just died a couple days before my 14th birthday. I have also been sick since December 6th, but i havent been to a doctor since i was about 10 or 11, and that was only because i burned my foot at school. I have many friends at school, but none that are good to talk to about personal things. Except for my bestfriend, but she thinks she has many problems in life, yet each time i go to her house, there is soo many things to do, and soo many nice people who live there. She also has an amazing relationship with her mom and tells her everything!So this makes me feel even worse because i barely ever talk to my mom and my dad is always at work. I do all the chores in my house because my mom is very lazy, she doesnt make me supper. So when my brother is in his room all day with his billions of friends smoking up, and my sister is at her boyfriend’s house having the time of her life, and my mom is with my brother and my dad is either at work or sleeping, i will be alone with my laptop and my 2 cats. So I will make my own supper, I eat alot for some reason, but i am strangely skinny!! I am extremely flat chested and people have made fun of me for it since grade 5. I hate my life sooo much! I just want to screaam at my bestfriend who complains nonstop about her life, when she has the most awesome life ever! My other friends are always happy, so I am always acting super happy and being optimistic, but on the inside i am crying like krazy! I am a very good student and I dont drink, smoke, or do any drugs. I think it is because I see my brother and his friends when they are drunk or high and they look stupid! And I see my mom get mad and right away go for her cigarettes and lighter. I dont want to be like any of these people!! So my whole life, i just wake up go to school, act like im happy, get home, go on my laptop while watching tv and doing my homework and wait for somebody to talk to me on msn or something. I have nobody at all. I am all alone and I feel depressed. I stay in my room all day and at night i cry myself to sleep when its a reallly bad day.

20. OptimisticGrl - January 31, 2009

p.s.–I have not reeallyy tried to comit suicide, but i have had thoughts on it and i have been very close to trying. But i just think its pointless.I told my friend that children’s depressiion and behavior is parent’s fault, but she doesnt believe me. I wish i could prove to her that it really is the parent’s fault.

21. sadsadsadboy - February 3, 2009

cameron , i can completely relate to you, especially the part of jumping out the window, and i don’t want anyone to know that i’m feeling this way, because i don’t want them to feel sorry for me, or think like im saying these things for attention. i’ve never attempted to cut myself, simply because i think that would hurt a lot, but thoughts of jumping in front of a train or shooting myself(i wish i had a gun) run through myhead more than ever now. then i start to think of the things i’ll miss out on. just because my parents are horrible and dont show any affection towards me means that i can deprive the love i know i have for my child someday. and i really want to become an architect like more than anything in this world… thinking about my future stops me from taking that leap from the window, but as ive told myself about a hundred times, if i dont become an architect and build house and develop a new community, and dont have a loving family, i will get a gun lisence and finish the job i’ve always though of doing.

22. underneaththissmileimdeadinside. - February 25, 2009

okay, so i used to cut myself. but i stopped. i tried to kill myself. but i stopped doing that. all after my best friend Jake picked up a gun and shot himself one night. It was the summer of 2008 and im not over it.i cry every night over him. he was emo. his parents beat him. but he never really talked about killing himself. he was always happy. he was bright. i thought i was in love lol. anyways. i can’t get over him. and its killing me inside. i rele need some help.

23. Megan - March 2, 2009

I feel like I am going crazy. I’m in a house full of perfectionist. I am a good actress, because when i’m around them (My dad, and his girlfriend) I act perky and happy. When i’m pulling my sleve down to hide my cuts. My mom had me move out from my brother and my siblings. I do feel crazy. I could sit in my room and plan a suicide like im planning a saturday with my friends. And, as much as I say I might be crazy, I never want to see a therapist or talk about it to anyone. I don’t want to do anything that would make people think i’m crazy…I have attempted suicide a few times. I tell my friends what I feel, but when they hold there hands out with help in there hands I basically hit there hands knocking it out. Which makes me lose friends. I’m 16. Everyone says i’m perfectly fine, and i’m just a drama queen. I start to believe them but, would I do dramatic things like suicide or cut for attention? I was sexually abuse for 10 year. Not a lot of people know but, I don’t think I can blame too many of my feelings on that. I’m just really stressed out…about everything just about. I’m not aloud to take medicine because i’m “fine. Just a drama queen” My stomach hurts when i get really upset. I don’t know. I don’t want to see a therapist because i’ll feel crazier then I already do.

24. ben - March 4, 2009

i need help asap! i dont feel comfortable talking to any of my family roommates or one of those 800 numbers and in high school i delt with really bad depression and cut myself several times. i found myself tonight in the shower with a razor and i did the inevitable. as im typing this my arm is bleeding and i need help. my life is falling apart on me and this is the only way i feel i can cope with this. suicide is always in my head and when i was a senior i acted on my feelings and i cut my wrists, clearly it didnt work but i need to stop all this crap in fear that i may succeed. can anyone help me

25. Dude123 - April 6, 2009

I am currently hating myself right now. Why? The pain that I feel is all so ironically caused by myself. I hate it. I hate myself. It’s like there is this self destructive place within myself that always seems to destroy whatever it is that I try to hold on to. For example, I am straight by I had a sexual act with a guy that happened when I was intoxicated and smoking weed. This has completely destroyed my life because now all I want to do is kill myself. It was a total sift from a long a fruitful life down to a single day battle. Its day 1. It is so weird how that changed in the matter of an instant.

26. marissa - April 24, 2009

Ive been thinking about suicide a lot and i want help but i dont want pills . Ive seen a physiatrist and it doesnt help. i am only 14. ive been dealing with this for three years now and im close too the edge.

27. youthone - April 28, 2009

It sounds like there are a lot of people out there including everyone here that are going through a pain that is too much for them to handle. There are people that care and want to help. If you feel that things are too much for you, please know that you don’t have to do this on your own. Reaching out to talk about what is going on in your life can be your first step. If you are looking for some support you can go to http://WWW.YOUTHONE.COM and access free, confidential and annoynomous support through the Peer Support Forums and Crisis Chat from the safety of your own computer. I hope this helps to know you are not alone and we are here to listen.

28. allee - July 12, 2009

after i lost my grandmother 2 cancer i fell apart big time she was my support system after she died so many secrets my family kept from me came out i was so hurt by it. 3 years later me my parents and sis ended up in social services but my parents lied their way outta it and made me quit therapy i started cuttin myself and attempted suicide twice but ended up in the hospital b4 i died. i still think about it but my life has been so messed up and just need someone to listen for once

29. alice - July 19, 2009

Yeyea, i know a lot of people wanna die these days, and so do i. I’ve been hooked on cocaine since I was 15 and im 18 now and my dealer havent showed up yet and the only way i feel better is if i keep putting safety pins in my arm cuz at least it feels like something is inside. i’ve tried to kill myself before; i tried to shoot myself but the gun wouldn’t go off. i’m a high school drop out, i work all the time and i am never sober unless i am sleep. is there a drug councilling number i can contact that ACTUALLY GIVES A SHIT.

30. Miss Weird Scientist - July 20, 2009

Alice: It seems that you’ve had bad experiences with drug counselling helplines? I’ve included numbers in the post but I don’t know if you have tried these and if so, what kind of experience you’ve had with the calls.

There are also places where you can get face-to-face counselling although it totally depends on how you feel about that, as some people feel better being anonymous on the phone. :)

I feel worried about you when you say you’re hooked on cocaine and want to die. It seems like you feel really numb and the safety pins somehow tell you that you’re alive and can still feel. I’m worried about your physical health too – do you have a doctor you can see?

31. DoubleYouTeaEffMate - August 1, 2009

I’m an 18 year old male and watched my father get arrested at the age of 12 and haven’t seen him since, I have no family or friends to talk to, a man I looked up to for 3 years died last year without saying good bye, another role model I knew for 3 years disappeared from my life, and yet another man I looked up to for a year vanished from my life this year.. I have major trust issues because I think anyone I meet will be driven off, I have a social phobia and can’t start up conversations, and I have a cyber sex addiction. I cannot live with this any longer.. This is to much..

32. Sarah - August 12, 2009

Hi guys Im sarah from Iraq ones my friend tried to cut herself because she is feeling lonely that is not a reason to siucide…there is no reason to kill you self at all any probelm can be solve..you can not end your life like that simple this soul you did not creat it think about who made you the god and every one have to die in his day Im in 17 years old thank for reading my comment

33. sarah - August 25, 2009

im 14 and iv never really told any1 so noone noes but iv been cutting since the start of last yr but i dont tell any1 incase they think im after atention witch i dont think i am but i c so many ppl who r just after atention that im not sure but i do like the feeling of wen i cut thats y i do it it makes me feel incontroll and sort off numb i dont feel anypain inside me wen i do it but latly iv een hinking bout suicide in class 2day i was thinking of how easy it wud b to just o cut deeply across the veins in my wrist and bleed out the hurt and pain of my life but i dont no if im ever going 2 do it im so scared of deah but i feel so unloved and lonly and confussed i just need some advice theres no 1 i can talk to and i feel awkward on those helpline things im to scared to dial the number

34. joshua - December 6, 2009

im joshua im 25 iv been over the edge for a long time now sense my dad died i was 12 and its still stuck with me my mother tryed to give me away but wanted my sisters i was 13 my 2 sisters one was 11 one was 15 she wanted they i feel so much pain and still do that iven in the thought my mother wanted nothing to do with me and still ti this day tells me kill my silf or she does not want me or even care about my my hole life growing up was hell and still is im not really a people person i dont get out much i stay to my self in my room all the time thinking about how much better it would be to end my life to show her how it feels to have all this pain on her for witch she gave me growing up. im thinking about it now for the point she told me if she had a gun she shoot me and my step dad because shes been cheating on him and she wants take her probs out on use i really dont know what to do i got no job no wife no jids and if u think about it no family i mise will call my self a room mate, dear god if i shall take my life with my own hands please dont jodge me for what i have done judge me for what i have gone throw in life …

35. molly - February 15, 2010

iv been thinking about suicide since i was about 9 years old it first started when i lost my 16 year old coisin to suicide i eneded up turning to drink and drugs thinking that they would help me but infact they made my life awhole lot worse i started getting in to trouble all the time and at that stage i started cuting myself i still think of suicide now 2day and yet i still turn to drugs but the toughts i have in my head now are so much stronger and i really beleive that its my time to go now…my life has been nuttin but a mess and im nuttin but a fuck up so i think it would be easyer on ma family if i was outa the picture it wouldnt be anything new to them anyway if i did commit suicide because for my fam has a reputation for it example…(my grandad gassed himself…4 of my coisins drowned themself..3 of my teenage of my cousins hung themselfs….and it goes on with my close friends witch also commited suicide so i just want to be with them people that i have lost

36. KYLE - May 26, 2010

i need help

37. Abby - October 19, 2010

I’ve also have had the same problems.Actually I’m getting help for it.Yeah and well ever since therapy I’ve been feeling just a little bit better, yet I ‘m still deppressed. Of course, I’ve realized it will take months even years for me to heal…but hey everything takes time.

Oh and Kyle I know you don’t know me but if you want somebody to talk to then talk to me. I know talking to a stranger over the internet dosen’t sound all that good, but I’d like it if I had somebody to talk to too.

38. Abby - October 19, 2010

I would also like to talk to other people in here too. I feel as if I can relate to some of you…

39. Matt - December 16, 2010

I just read your post.  I need help was wondering if you would listen.
When I was young I was diagnosed with ADHD. Took adderall and started abusing it. By 15 I was addicted and taking more then prescribed. I started smoking weed,doing cocaine,heroin,ecstasy,xanex, etc.
I’m 22 now and been in 7 psychiatric hospitals.
When I was 17 my best friend died in my arms from a ATV accident. Since then 3 friends killed themselves. I have a daughter who’s 3 years old. If it wasn’t for her I would have completed suicide by now.
I just lost my wife and job and I’m lonely.
I’m an alcoholic and addicted to adderall. I wish I was normal but can’t seem to get there.

Sorry to bother you, just wanted to get this off my chest. Thanks for listening.

40. cpatt - February 14, 2011

i need help now, i need someone to talk to or something, all my family moved away, i have no father so im stuck with my mom who has a mental illness, i dont care who reads this or what people have to say about it, my mom non stop puts me down and makes me feel shit, she tells me everyday how much she hates me and wants me dead, i dont even do anything half of the time im not allowed to have a life or talk to friends because she wont allow it, so i sit in my bedroom all day and look for people to talk to online. she hits me and spits in my face, like today she beat me with a pair of shoes, as stupid as it sounds. Im at the point where i just want to end my life because she makes me feel that bad about myself, she calls me ugly and she tells me how useless i am i just cant take it anymore

41. Helpinghand - May 23, 2011

Hi Cpatt,

I am about 3 months late in sending a reply as I only stumbled upon this website by chance. I noticed that there was no response made after your post and was very concerned.
First of all, I am sorry that you are having a very hard time with your mother. It is not easy dealing with the various forms of abuse at home while feeling so alone. Having to deal with a mother who is mentally ill and abusive and constantly puts you down is a HUGE burden on you.
You are saying that you just can’t take it anymore…are you thinking of suicide? did you have a plan?
I know that you probably feel helpless and all alone right now. However, you don’t have to go through this alone. There are people you can talk to and things you can do in order to get help. It sounds like you are in so much pain and could really use some help.
If you are suicidal and are thinking of hurting yourself then just remember that these feelings are temporary and will subside once you reach out and get help. Please talk to someone..anyone! You can talk to your doctor, teacher, or pastor, or you can call a crisis line or go to the nearest hospital. It is quite common to feel like giving up when going through what you have been going through. please try to find some strength to hang on till you get some help.

I really hope that you get this message in time. and I really hope that I hear back from you someday. I’ll be checking….

Take care Cpatt.

42. Kim - June 22, 2011

I’m in major need of someone to talk to. I’m only 11 and everyday thinking about different ways to kill myself. I can’t talk to anyone in my family because if i do, i will most likely be shipped off to the nearest mental hospital. I have had suicidal thoughts for the past year and i want them to stop badly. But to me and i am guessing everyone else, it feels there is no reason to live. My family gets into major fights daily for no reason. My best friend/the guy i live for is now almost gone from my life. With him now gone there is no reason to live, he was my life.

43. Virus - January 10, 2012

Well, I need someone to talk to. I feel miserable everyday. I think I’m insecure or what. I’m 18 , social status: average. I get what I want but I need to work hard for it. It feels like I’m alone in this fucked up world and I just want to die. my guts tells me that if I die I would be reincarnated with a better family. I tried committing suicide thrice. I really need help.

44. Erin - January 17, 2013

I really appreciated the post!

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