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The Science Of Sculptures August 5, 2007

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Ron Mueck 1

Would you believe me if I told you that these pictures show sculptures created by a man with no formal art training? Well, it’s true. Credit for this extraordinary work goes to a unique man named Ron Mueck.

Ron Mueck has a super interesting background. Born in Melbourne, Australia in 1958, he originally started working as a puppet maker! He worked for many children’s shows, starting with an Australian one before doing shows such as Sesame Street and The Muppets. In 1996 he made a sculpture of Pinnochio, which was noticed by Charles Saatchi, a prominent art collector. Soon after, Saatchi included Mueck in the exhibition Sensation, which opened in London, England.

ron-mueck-4.jpg ron-mueck-3.jpg ron-mueck-2.jpg ron-mueck-5.jpg

ron-mueck-8.jpg ron-mueck-7.jpg ron-mueck-9.jpg

Sculpture Creation

The process is not an easy one! First, Mueck has to decide on the figure’s pose and placement. He makes several small clay models by using photos or live models as a guide. Then, he creates drawings as he decides on the sculpture scale – big or small. The major part – the sculpting – comes next as Mueck sculpts and adds visual life to the figure, creating its shape and expression. When Mueck is working on a very large figure, he first has to build a special metal frame, wrap it with wire mesh and then coat it with plaster strips before covering the entire contraption in clay. He uses this clay figure to create a mould and then takes a cast of silicone or fiberglass if it’s a huge figure. The final, finishing touches involve paint and hair to give his sculptures an astounding, life-like quality.

Ron Mueck 6

More Mueck

I think Mueck’s sculptures are incredible! The realistic detail he includes, such as veins visible in the skin, show his care and eye for detail. His work also tends to follow themes of the life cycle, from infancy to old age. You can see Flickr for more pictures of Ron Mueck’s sculptures and the set-up process.

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1. prem - January 12, 2009

oh! great…… really great, it’s a new path for contemporary sculpture.

2. hayati - February 10, 2009

your work is so fantastic..and incredible too..keep it up

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