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The Light Drop July 25, 2007

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Light Drop 1

The Light Drop was created by industrial designer Rafael Morgan, who currently lives in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. The goal is to get people reflecting on their natural resources and how they are used. With the Light Drop, people will hopefully think more about water and its important role in sustaining life. I asked Rafael what inspired him to create the Light Drop, and he replied:

Inspiration for me is everywhere, mostly in ordinary things. If you tried to watch your surroundings from a different point of view, you would be surprised at how beautiful and poetic our everyday world may be. I also do a lot of research. In the case of the Light Drop, I was surfing on the Internet-just googling for some random images-and I found an image of a burning candle. Instead of fire, it was casting an ice flame. It’s a very cool concept because the candle should cast fire but it was casting its opposite element. I just wondered if I could do something like this in my designs. So, after lots of researching and drawing, I designed the Light Drop.

In his portfolio, Rafael also describes his plans to leave Brazil and find work elsewhere. I asked him about his dream job, and he explained:

I usually dream about working in a place with a nice, fun and friendly environment, where I can create new designs and beautiful concepts without too many restrictions.

I get the impression that Rafael’s words reflect the need of many designers like him-to work as part of a team but in an unstructured environment that allows for full creative expression.

thelightdropside.jpg thelightdropfront.jpg

After viewing the Light Drop, I was also curious about Rafael’s plans, if any, for future projects. According to Rafael:

I am planning to focus on furniture, lighting and home accessories for a while but I intend to give all design branches a try in the near future.

Perhaps one day, the Light Drop and many of Rafael’s other designs will be seen in homes where people can admire the originality, creativity and passion that went into their creation.

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