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Deep Sea Creatures June 27, 2007

Posted by Mrs Weird Scientist in Deep Sea, Easy As Pie, Evolution, Marine Life, Ocean.

Deep Sea 1

Deep, deep, deep into the dark icy waters around Antarctica is a lively and peculiar bundle of marine life. Carnivorous sponges, crustaceans and wiggling worms all bring life into these shivering depths. Researchers have recently discovered nearly 700 new sea creatures. It’s a surprising find because around these desolate and freezing parts, the conditions are really aggressive. Scientists hadn’t anticipated that all of these strange and interesting life forms would exist.

Undiscovered Species

The discovery of these magnificent sea creatures is part of ANDEEP, which stands for Antarctic Benthic Deep Sea Biodiversity Project. It’s a bit of a long name for a project but it’s certainly a fitting one! ANDEEP is one of the first studies that really looks at marine life in Antarctica.


Between 2002 and 2005, three research expeditions took place and tens of thousands of samplings from the ocean were taken. They managed to find over 1000 species, with most being new, previously undiscovered life forms.

deepsea4.jpg deepsea2.jpg deepsea3.jpg

Leading the whole expedition was Angelika Brandt from the University of Hamburg in Germany. She was curious to uncover the mysteries of the Southern Ocean. Although Angelika and her team had expected to find some interesting new species, they hadn’t expected to find such a diverse range of deep sea creatures!

It’s Cool But Is That It?

Not quite. Sure it’s exciting to find new life forms, especially when they just plain old look nifty but there’s more to it than that. Finding new species can tell us a lot about evolution. Scientists can now look at the species surviving in the shallower waters around Antarctica to learn how the weather and environment led to evolutionary changes.

Not For Your Home Aquarium

If only I could have these curious swimmers in my home aquarium! I think, however, that these deep sea species will happily remain in their cold, shady home in the Southern Ocean. For now, I will have to make do with my little goldfish.

Credits: Images are from the British Antarctic Survey and Wiebke Brokeland as shown online in New Scientist.

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1. brittany - October 7, 2007

hmmm is that a shrimp?

2. Miss Weird Scientist - October 29, 2007

Hehe..not exactly! It’s a member of the crustacean family Epimeriidae and is a new discovery by the ANDEEP group. :)

3. Steve - February 11, 2008

AWESOME Awesome AWESOME these are cooool and kinda creeeeeeeepy

4. Steve - February 11, 2008

baLetslets fight crime with mangos and limes. Do you Know Wat i got to say to those fish creatures…….GO LAY DOWN!!!

5. luv-wif-fasion girl - February 12, 2008

although im not a person who is mad with science, i fink tht this info is sooooooooooooooooo freaky and i would luv 2 discover new species!

6. seaphira - February 29, 2008

wow how do u get these pictures

7. URGIRL - September 16, 2008



8. jose - November 21, 2008

wow that things creapy..looks like something from a sifi movie

9. sarah w. - November 25, 2008

Wow that is soo interesting, where were these pictures taken?

10. hector - January 10, 2009

what the heck is that…THING!

11. gloria - June 1, 2009

this is super weird creature really freaks me out cause oh man look at those creepy crawly leg s i would be super disgusted to even look at that ewwwwwwwwwwwwww wad eva

12. rosie - August 10, 2009

what on earth is that?

13. Ricky - January 24, 2010

that thing looks like a sea armadilo naaaaaassssssssstttyyyy!!!!

14. Leonarda - August 27, 2010

Wow… I am amazed at this creature.. looks like a shrimp with armadillo covering

15. ceaz - October 20, 2010

is a giant shrimp. just like that Rollie Pollie they found attached to a submarine in deep sea. they would all grow hat bug but they usually get eatin by us or other things or get killed. just like how big some fish grow depending on there environment

16. ceaz - October 20, 2010

look at the fine details on whole shrimp for example from “Camarones”, Mexican Shrimp Soup. before you peal off the shell and such both have the same details… the head, legs, even shell(although the small shrimp obviously has thinner and smaller layers and appendages

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