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All Aboard June 14, 2007

Posted by Mrs Weird Scientist in Easy As Pie, Space Exploration.

Feeling a little bored today? How about a tourist trip to space? It may seem like a joke but by 2012, it could very well be a reality. For adventurous space fiends, you may find yourself hopping on a space jet and scooting off into the sky.

Space Jet

Credit: Mark Newson

Count Me In

Starting in 2008, a European company called EADS has exciting plans to start their creation of the space jet. The company wants to provide a way for people to safely and comfortably experience space. This means that space exploration will soon become space tourism.

Ready, Set, Runway

The space jet would depart from a normal runway like most planes but it would also give its passengers 3 minutes of weightlessness at the top of the climb. Nice one! I’ve always wanted to play a game of tag while floating in space.

Oh, The Perks Of Flying

Passengers on the space jet would get a lovely, scenic 90 minute flight at more than a 100 km altitude. The usual cramped plane seats? Not on this plane! Passengers would be in special seats that minimize the intense effects of take-off and landing. Large windows would also provide passengers with a brilliant, clear view of their travels.

Space Jet Seats

Credit: Mark Newson


The space jet would use normal engines for take off, before a rocket engine would then powerfully fire the space jet, rapidly taking it beyond 60 km in only 80 seconds. Now that is fast. Maybe not the best idea if you get travel sick! Barf bag anyone?

Up, Up And Away

Once the rocket shuts down, the space jet would continue with enough velocity to send its passengers 100 km into space. I wonder if there will be airline attendants offering refreshments at that time?

Back To Earth

When the space jet begins its descent back to Earth, the pilot would direct it back into the atmosphere, with the jet engines fueling the plane to the airport. Happy to be home on Earth or ready for another trip?

Bon Voyage

Are you already packing your bags? You might want to think twice before you get too excited. For starters, you’ll want to start saving up because it’s not cheap. A trip in the space jet is estimated to cost a little over $200,000. Yikes! Still, you never know. If your parents won’t give you a space jet ticket for your birthday, hopefully Santa Claus will be generous.

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